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2nd floor is now offering private office spaces starting at just $300 per month! $300/Month with 24/7 Access!

 @ Yellow Tower now available for rent  

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Welcome to Yellow Tower, located in the serene Chroy Changvar peninsula, a place where Phnom Penh's cityscape meets natural beauty. We are proud to offer Phnom Penh's greenest office space, just across the river from the Royal Palace.

Rising majestically seven stories high, Yellow Tower is wrapped in a vibrant vertical garden. Over 2,400 square meters of lush, green foliage not only infuse tranquility into the workspace, but also provide a natural shield against the tropical heat. This unique fusion of urban architecture with elements of nature creates a conducive environment for creativity and productivity.

Step inside our building to experience a fresh and modern work environment. Our newly renovated offices boast high ceilings and inspiring mezzanine levels, all bathed in abundant natural light. In this harmonious space, work becomes more pleasant, ideas flow freely, and productivity thrives.

We understand that uninterrupted operations are crucial for businesses. Therefore, a backup power generator is always at your disposal, ready to step in during any power outages.

At Yellow Tower, we prioritize the safety and peace of mind of all our tenants. Round-the-clock security ensures that your work environment is not just comfortable, but also safe. Ample parking facilities are provided for both employees and visitors, adding to the convenience of your workplace.

But it's not just the interior amenities that make Yellow Tower special. Our location offers a breathtaking view over the Tonle Sap river and the city skyline. This harmonious blend of urban and natural vistas will surely inspire you and your team.

Yellow Tower is not just an office—it's a place where productivity and tranquility coexist, where work-life balance is more than just a concept. It's a lifestyle we cultivate for the benefit of our tenants. Welcome to a workspace that inspires, at Yellow Tower

Spaces for Rent

Dedicated Floors

500 sqm dedicated floor with elevator entrance 

Private Offices

12 to  170 sqm private offices on 2nd floor


The Space


Meeting rooms


.... and River View

High Ceilings

Large Balconies

Natural Light


The Penthouse

7 Bedroom Luxury Penthouse


Just 10 min drive from Wat Phnom or 15 min ferry ride from Cambodiana Hotel